Organizational Management Strategy

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PERFORMANCE Management Strategy

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Professional Development Strategy

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Guidance in defining and formalizing Your Company’s Organizational Structure to support ongoing business growth and enhanced staff capacity.

Implement a leadership practice that brings out the best in you and allows your employees top level performance and job satisfaction.

Develop a sustainable and effective strategy for interviewing, hiring, on-boarding and retaining employees



• Inventory and assessment of your current organizational design and staffing structure

• Guidance in defining and formalizing your organizational structure to support ongoing business growth and enhanced staff capacity

• Facilitation of an organizational SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) Analysis with relevant  leadership and personnel that will inform strategic planning and goal setting

• Guide your company’s leadership in review of SWOT report and implications

• Guide your development of a 3 to 5 year program and staff growth strategy with a
prioritized time line

• Guide you in the development of a staffing plan with clearly articulated roles based on assessments above

• Development of  job descriptions for all current staff positions that clearly define and establish roles, responsibilities and standards 

• Establish consistent compensation structures at each job level, company wide
and guide your company in the identification and development of necessary standard operating procedures


• Development of a longitudinal (calendar year) communication plan for all levels of the organization to inform employees, maintain and reinforce a culture of excellence at your company and communicate when a team or individual performance concern exists

• Identify how, when and why to hold meetings and what style of meeting is appropriate to the given objective

• Coaching and Delegation training for you

• Development of a Corrective Action process and documentation plan to address performance concerns

• Development of a meaningful Employee Recognition Plan that drives retention and performance


• Establish a consistent performance review process and cadence at all levels of the organization relevant to your company’s culture, to be executed by your leadership

• Articulation of purpose, development and implementation plan for identified new hire needs, including a time table for hiring

• Development and formalization of a hiring strategy and interview process, including interview questions

• Development of on-boarding and training process for new hires, company wide

• Development of training and professional development plans for existing employees and partners

• Delivery of a Staff Coaching and Delegation training for all relevant  staff




1 hour, free consultation to explore your current challenges and direction



Present a proposed Scope of Work discovered during our assessment meeting



Sign on for partial or entire Scope of Work and make first payment



Work together during an agreed upon time frame to work through the Scope of Work. This typically looks like one or two hour long meetings per month followed up by a lot of emailing back and forth.



Agree that the Scope of Work has been met and submit second and final payment.

Part of what makes NMS an investment with a high ROI is the customized approach. I develop a scope of work specific to the needs of each business owner. However, I do follow a typical progression with each business.

like a boss! Leadership series

interview and hire with confidence

but, i hate meetings

Delegate or incinerate

Team meetings are a necessary tool to keep your staff engaged, on the same page and the vision and culture of your organization fresh. However, let’s be honest, most managers hate this part of their job. So, meetings become few and far between and, when they do happen, rate as “not too painful” at best. After this workshop you will walk away armed with knowing when, how and what kind of meeting to run to get things done at your place of work.
Date: Tuesday,  January 23rd, 2018
Time: 8:00am-10:00am
Location: North Town Coffee House, Yakima WA

 This workshop is for you if: you feel like your plate is overflowing , you second-guess staff decisions and personally rework staff assignments, morale is low, staff turnover is rising or you frequently hear yourself saying “It is easier to just do it myself”. News Flash: Its not them, its you. Effective delegation is one of the most critical components to master in your journey to becoming an outstanding leader who attracts and keeps top talent. You will leave this workshop ready to help yourself and your team reach a whole new level of productivity
Date:  Tuesday March  20th, 2018 
Time: 8:00am-10:00am
Location: NorthTown Coffee House, Yakima  WA

Due to popular demand, I am launching this leadership series with a repeat from last year. 100% of the participants who have participated in this session recommend it to a friend or colleague. This fast paced, engaging workshop will help you to evaluate and refine your current interviewing and hiring strategy in light if evidence-based best practices. The wrong hire will cost you a minimum if 1.5 times that person’s combined salary and benefits. Hire smart.
Date: Tuesday, November 21st, 2017
Time: 8:00am -10:00am
Location: North Town Coffee House, Yakima WA

$65 per Class 
$145 for all 3

$65 per Class 
$145 for all 3